Tuesday, February 06, 2007

The Disease of Self Part 1

Wow, its been awhile. I will try to keep this more regular but a lot has been going on in my life. My life seems to keep coming back to one theme. I would say it's something I deal with regularly and something as a pastor, a person, a human being in today's society, I see way way to much. It's a theme that has woven it's way into the Church. If we have failed to come out of the world and be seperate in anyway, it is in this way. As a matter of fact, I would venture to say it is precisely what Jesus was talking about when he mentioned our conforming to the "pattern" of the world. You may have guessed already, if you know me at all what i'm talking about. I'm talking about SELF!! I'm talking about selfishness. I'm talking about self-indulgence. I'm talking about SIN!! I mean come on, that's what it is right? Jesus said in Mathew and we see it in the other gospels as well, "If anyone would come after me, he must..... DENY HIMSELF... Hmmm. We see in the life and ministry of Christ this theme of servant. The great becoming small. The first being last. He himself DESCENDED into greatness. He modeled for His disciples this principle. The principle that says it is not about you it is about Me and the people I surround you with. He was saying that you can't be great, you can't be first, you can't be MINE, if you don't die to YOU. Maybe flipantly "we" have bought into, become friends of, a world view that is slowing killing us. It's killing the people of God and its killing His Church because it's rooted so deep that our half passioned attempts at dealing with it and rooting IT out of our lives is simply that... apathetic and mediocre at best. We don't realize that we have bought the lie, we have conformed to the world, and we our diagnosed with one of the greatest diseases that has ever threatened the Church in it's amazing history. Is there a cure? I would like to go on a journey together in the next few blogs and try to answer that question. I don't know where that journey will take us but I have to believe that we more than need God on that journey, we NEED his divine hand to HEAL US! I say "us," because it is in ALL OF US. I will close this portion of the journey by quoting a fellow believer who's comment brought this all to a head for me. He said, "We are going to go "window shopping" for other church's." Have we become that selfish that now our wants and desires are more important than God's and Church has become a mall for believers that simply want what fits them, while people are dying and going to hell without Jesus. People are dying and going to hell without Jesus... and we are window shopping for church's....WOW!

Thursday, October 19, 2006

A Fathers Love/A Daughters Heart

Wow. You can't imagine how much I love my little girl. She is so beautiful inside and out. Her personality and the things she says and does simply blow me away. I can't even begin to tell you how much this little girl has taught me about the love of God, about worship, about what it feels like to experience something so unconditional. She is a gift from God and i'm so grateful for her. I'm going to share some things in the next few blogs that God has taught me about himself and worship through my beautiful daughter Alexia. I get see "Faith like a child" lived out in her little life. The other day we we were walking through the pumpkin patch and saw this hay bail maze. We went inside at her request, obviously, and I simply let her take the lead. At first she took off thinking she knew the way and after rounding a bend noticed i wasn't there. As I came around the corner I noticed the look of panic starting to settle on her face, one that quickly turned to relief as she saw her dad. From that moment on as we wallked through the maze, her leading of coarse, she continued to look behind her to make sure i was there. We were in the maze for what seemed like an eternity but I was determined to let her find the way out. Yes, for the sake of time when I noticed her about to make a wrong turn because i was tall enough to see over the hay bails to the exit I would cheat and direct her. Funny thing is, she listened... and together we made it out. Gosh did we CELEBRATE! I was like, "Lexi, you did it!" I was so proud of her and she was SOOO proud of herself. Later, that day God took me back to that moment and it hit me. That is so like God. Our life is truely like a maze and we are wondering through it trying to make the right decisions and yet sometimes we fail to look around to see if Dad is still there. My daughter kept me close and together, with my encouragement, we made it out, we bonded. If we keep God close and allow him to encourage us along the way we too will celebrate our accomplishments and Dad will be so proud. Keep Him close, and let him be a part of the experience of life, bond with God everyday.